Audi to launch 7 new energy vehicle models in China by 2020

2018-02-18   |  By Faye

The Sino-German auto joint venture FAW-Volkswagen will roll out seven new Audi models of new energy [...]


Porsche, Audi to develop joint electric car platform to save costs

2018-02-11   |  By Irene

Porsche and Audi, Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) main luxury car divisions, plan to develop a joint [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Mercedes-Benz, Audi

2018-02-01   |  By Irene

1 Mercedes-Benz to build 6 battery factories on three continents Mercedes-Benz disclosed in detail [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Baidu, Toshiba, Audi

2018-01-23   |  By Irene

1 Baidu to open AI and autonomous driving lab Baidu Research Institution recently announced to open [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Audi, LG, Tesla

2017-08-25   |  By Irene

Edited by VehicleTrend If repost, please INDICATE the source 1.Audi installs solar cells in it [...]


Audi to develop solar-embedded panoramic roof with China's Hanergy

2017-08-24   |  By Mia

Audi, Volkswagen's (VOWG_p.DE) main profit driver, on Wednesday said it was working with China&# [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Tesla, Daimler, Audi

2017-07-25   |  By Faye

Edited by VehicleTrend If repost, Please INDICATE the source. 1.A step toward “vegetaria [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Tesla, Audi, Great Wall Motor, NQ Mobile

2017-07-17   |  By Faye

Edited by VehicleTrend If repost, please INDICATE the source. 1.Analysts are bullish on Tesla [...]


German carmakers dominate world's largest auto market

2017-07-07   |  By Faye

German automakers are among the most important players in the Chinese auto market, the world's l [...]


Faw-Volkswagen to recall over 572,000 Audi vehicles

2017-03-30   |  By Faye

BEIJING - Faw-Volkswagen (FAW-VW) will recall more than 572,000 vehicles to address a potential prob [...]