Changan Auto teams up with Tencent in auto intelligence

2018-04-13   |  By Faye

Changan Automobile Company Limited, a Chinese car manufacturer, will partner with Tencent to form a [...]


Tencent buys 5% Tesla stake in AI drive

2017-03-30   |  By Faye

A worker positions a Model S automobile during a battery pack fitting at the Tesla Motors Inc fa [...]


Tencent & Tesla: further business cooperation on the way?

2017-03-29   |  By Faye

Documents submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission by Tesla in the evening on March 28 in [...]


[Big news!] Tencent holding equity in Tesla

2017-03-28   |  By Faye

Article source: VehicleTrend. If repost, please indicate the source. According to the documents s [...]