Bosch launches Anhui plant focusing on connectivity

2018-05-29   |  By Faye

Bosch Gmbh, the global automotive technology and services supplier, opened a new plant on Wednesday [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Huayu, Weichai Power, Bosch & ADAS for motorcycle

2018-05-17   |  By Faye

1. Huayu Automotive diversifying products of NEV auto parts  On May 16, Huayu Automobile [...]


Bosch sees demand for radar, video sensors driving sales growth

2018-04-28   |  By Faye

German auto supplier Robert Bosch expects its operating margin to grow this year thanks to increased [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Volvo & sales revenue, Softbank, Bosch, Toyota, BAIC

2018-04-27   |  By Faye

About New Energy Vehicle: 1.Volvo: EV business realizes 50% of sales revenue in 2025  In 2017 [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: ABB & new EV charging tech, Singulato

2018-04-26   |  By Faye

About New Energy Vehicle: 1.ABB releases new EV charging technology, driving 200 km in a 8-minute c [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Softbank, Geely, Bosch

2018-04-08   |  By Irene

1.SoftBank's first lithium deal with Nemaska Lithium Inc SoftBank, Uber and Chinese online reta [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Cepton, Bosch, 5G self-driving testing

2018-03-29   |  By Irene

1.Cepton announced 120-channel LiDAR Vista with 200 meters range  Cepton, a leading prov [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Driverless shuttle, Bosch & Antenne Bayern, BMW

2018-03-22   |  By Irene

1.Driverless shuttles to ferry workers in San Ramon, CA California’s first driverless shuttle [...]


Bosch starts new division, acquires U.S. carpooling start-up Splitting Fares Inc

2018-02-22   |  By Irene

Germany’s Robert Bosch [ROBG.UL] on Wednesday created a new division to expand its reach in th [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Bosch, Toyota, VW&Hyundai

2018-01-05   |  By Irene

1.Bosch Road Signature completed first positioning test Bosch recently released the joint resu [...]