VehicleTrend Morning Post: Changan, BYD, Porsche, Alibaba

2018-04-18   |  By Faye

New Energy Vehicle 1. NDRC: New energy vehicle share-holdings limit for foreign investor will be [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Daimler&DriveNow, Innovation Center, Porsche

2018-03-02   |  By Irene

1.Daimler’s complete acquisition of Car2go paves way for partnership with DriveNow On March 1 [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Fuel cell, Porsche

2018-02-13   |  By Irene

1.China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry innovation strategic alliance was established i [...]


Porsche, Audi to develop joint electric car platform to save costs

2018-02-11   |  By Irene

Porsche and Audi, Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) main luxury car divisions, plan to develop a joint [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Intelligent vehicle, Porsche, BYD

2018-02-07   |  By Irene

1.Regulation on Evaluation of Vehicle Intelligent Index in China(Draft) released for public comment [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Porsche, Korean mobile carriers

2017-10-12   |  By Mia

1. Porsche released electric Cayman concept car, less than 200 km driving range with full charge Po [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: Porsche, NDRC, Gree Appliance

2017-09-19   |  By Mia

1. Porsche released Mission E, with a price lower than USD 100 thousand According to report, the ma [...]


Porsche may ditch diesel engines: CEO

2017-07-21   |  By Faye

Porsche will decide at the end of the decade whether its latest generation of diesel engines will be [...]


Porsche China's young artists program encourages aspiring talent

2017-05-27   |  By Mia

German premium carmaker Porsche kicked off its new program with the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art [...]


Branding key for Japan's premium cars

2017-03-20   |  By Faye

The Lexus LC500 debuts at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last year. [Photo/ [...]