Automobile sales cruise ahead in Q1

2018-04-16   |  By Faye

Chinese market continues to grow at a steady pace in the first three months of the year, Li Fusheng [...]


Happy Chinese New Year!

2018-02-16   |  By Faye

About VehicleTrend   VehicleTrend is a global intelligence provider for auto-tech ind [...]


Chehejia Automotive cooperates with Brilliance Auto, stepping forward on auto-making

2017-09-07   |  By Mia

On September 1st, 2017, it is reported that Chehejia Automotive (CHJ) has signed strategic cooperati [...]


Trump's NAFTA autos goals to collide with industry as talks start

2017-08-15   |  By Irene

Robert Lighthizer speaks after he was sworn as U.S. Trade Representative during a ceremony at th [...]


Tougher than steel: Japan looks to wood pulp to make lighter auto parts

2017-08-15   |  By Irene

Kyoto University Professor Hiroyuki Yano, who is leading the research into using wood pulp fiber [...]


Domestic carmakers pursue intl expansion, leadership

2017-07-25   |  By Faye

Chinese automaker Geely will inject cash and one SUV product for the 49.9 percent stake it has a [...]


Bosch's Mobility Solutions to grow 7 pct this year

2017-07-04   |  By Faye

German auto supplier Robert Bosch said its Mobility Solutions division, which makes sophisticated sa [...]


China to relax further curbs on foreign investment

2017-06-29   |  By Faye

China on Wednesday relaxed restrictions on foreign investment, removing 30 entries from a list to al [...]


China set to be car makers of tomorrow

2017-06-26   |  By Faye

Feng Jingwei walked to a Roewe e50 parked at the Hongqiao transport hub in Shanghai, after returning [...]


Jaguar Land Rover sales up in China

2017-05-11   |  By Mia

Jaguar Land Rover sold 10,059 cars in China in April, up 10 percent year-on-year. The British premiu [...]