Luminar’s new LiDAR to be mass-produced

2018-04-17   |  By Faye

Automotive LiDAR system developer Luminar Technologies claims that by the end of this year it will h [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: VW, Waymo, Tesla

2018-04-16   |  By Faye

1.VW popularizes advanced parking function in 2020 VW is testing its advanced parking solution in H [...]


VehicleTrend Morning Post: BAIC&Magna, LiDAR, NEV in Hainan

2018-04-10   |  By Irene

1.BAIC and Magna signed strategic agreement on intelligent EVs On 8th April, government leaders fro [...]


Solid-state and mechanical LiDAR developing, penetration rate of LiDAR raising

2018-03-30   |  By Irene

Compared with camera and millimeter-wave radar, LiDAR performs better on distance measurement a [...]


15 mainstream LiDARs from Velodyne, Quanergy, IBEO, Innoviz, LeddarTech

2017-12-25   |  By Faye

Edited by VehicleTrend, Please Indicate the source if repost [...]


These LiDARs may shape China intelligent vehicle industry

2017-12-06   |  By Faye

At present, Chinese vehicle LiDAR is still at an early stage, where products are mainly ce [...]


Velodyne’s 128-laser beam LiDAR: the secret weapon for autonomous driving

2017-12-04   |  By Faye

Following the launch of Nvidia's Pegasus for level 5 autonomous driving, Velodyne recently u [...]


Tang Jinsong from Quanergy:Analysis of the status quo and development trend of LiDAR

2017-11-03   |  By Irene

With the rise of autonomous driving, LiDAR is drawing attention from the industry. What is the statu [...]


Auto Vision System: a far way to go to replace LiDAR

2017-09-21   |  By Mia

Autonomous driving is a big hit in recent years. It always comes with such sensors as cameras, milli [...]


Millimeter wave radar PK LiDAR? Which better?

2017-08-14   |  By Mia

  Millimeter wave radars are still the mainstream “eyes” for car -- even LiDAR g [...]