China unveils policy for NEV battery recycling

2018-02-27   |  By Irene

Chinese authorities have published a guideline Monday on recycling new energy vehicle (NEV) batterie [...]


Ministry drafts policies to promote self-driving vehicles

2018-01-22   |  By Irene

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is working on a draft document on autono [...]


Subsidies for new energy cars to be cut again

2018-01-18   |  By Irene

Subsidies for new energy cars will be cut further this year before being phased out in China altoget [...]


China supports development of new energy intelligent cars

2018-01-15   |  By Irene

China's top economic planner has cleared the way for development of domestic new energy cars and [...]


China extends tax rebate for electric cars, hybrids

2017-12-28   |  By Irene

China will extend a tax rebate on purchases of so-called new-energy vehicles (NEV) until the end of [...]


Original Adjustment of 2018 Chinese subsidies for NEV: rising standards

2017-12-27   |  By Irene

Chinese subsidies for NEV will be adjusted at the end of 2017. The government tends to raise the sub [...]


Original [Breaking news] Finally! China’s first regulation for autonomous driving test!

2017-12-18   |  By Faye

On December 18,Beijing Traffic Committee, Public security bureau (Beijing)and Beijing municipal comm [...]


Original 16 Chinese Cities: New Policies of NEVs Released in November  

2017-12-11   |  By Irene

Harbin (Heilongjiang Province): Regulations on the Promotion and Application of NEV Local gov [...]


China revises loan policies to encourage green car purchases

2017-11-09   |  By Faye

China Wednesday announced new loan policies for car purchases, allowing buyers of new energy vehicle [...]