VehicleTrend Morning Post: New battery material, Geely

2018-03-13  |  By Irene  |  In news

1.Korea develops new Li-ion battery material to enable doubled driving range
A research team headed by Dr. Jang Bo-yoon announced to have developed silicon oxide nano powder as cathode material for Li-ion battery, which can double battery capacity. The battery is to be mass produced in January 2019, and it enables 500 km driving range on a single charge. Silicon raw material is priced USD 2-3 per kilogram. Combined with an induction melting apparatus, the new battery reduce cost at 30%-50%. Tesla is among the customer list to adopt the new batteries.

2.Geely started to construct projects cluster in Ningbo 
On 12th Mar, Geely started to construct its projects cluster with nearly 30 billion yuan investment. Geely reportedly will complete the project of its 2nd and 3rd phase R&D centre. Meanwhile, It may introduce pure electric vehicle and high-end new energy vehicle project successively. The 1st phase has involved about 10,000 R&D talents and over 100 foreign professors. Safety collision laboratory, environmental wind tunnel laboratory and power new energy experiment centre will be set up in the 2nd and 3rd phase, with a total investment of 7 billion yuan and 5,000 R&D talents. Other projects including NEV battery pack project will be finished in the end of this year, with an annual capacity of 500,000 sets.