VehicleTrend Morning Post: Fuel-cell vehicle, charging posts, Tesla

2018-03-09  |  By Irene  |  In news

1.Japan to popularize 1,000km range fuel-cell vehicles by 2040
Japan is to bring fuel-cell vehicles to the public by 2040, which requires better battery performance and lower cost. It’s said that fuel-cell vehicle’s driving range will be extended to 1,000km with a car ownership jumping from 2,000 units today to more than 3 million units in 2040. Moreover, the battery power will triple and as the hydrogen tank gets smaller, the weight of the vehicle will become lighter.


2.National Energy Administration: 600,000 charging posts to be built in 2018
National Energy Administration recently released a guidance to unify the standards and to improve deployment of charging facilities, in a bid to keep pace with the expansion of electric vehicles. 600,000 charging posts are to be built in 2018, 100,000 of which is for public use and the rest for private use.

3.Tesla sees to build R&D office in Greece to develop electric motor
As part of an international R&D operation plan, Tesla is reportedly to build an R&D office in Athens to develop electric motor technology. Tesla expects to recruit up to 50 developers in next few months. The team in Athens is committed to electric motor technology and collaborates with their American team to accelerate the development of the technology, one of Tesla’s spokesman said, Greece has strong electric motor engineering talent and technical universities, offering tailored programs and specialized skills for electric motor technology.