VehicleTrend Morning Post: Sony, Renault

2018-02-22  |  By Irene  |  In news

1. Renault joins in the construction of fast charging network in South Europe
Renault Group is now joining in E-VIA FELX-E scheme and promotes the construction of fast charging network in South Europe. Renault will team up with Nissan, Enedis, EDF, ENEL, etc. The E-VIA FELX-E project will feature new high power charging stations with a capacity of between 150kW and 350kW, which could meet nearly all types of electric vehicle’s charging needs except Jaguar I-PACE, which is charged at 100 kW.


2. Sony to launch AI-based taxi-hailing services
Sony is another new entrant to the taxi and ride-hailing market, which plans to form partnership to develop an AI-based taxi-hailing services. Sony’s partners includes Daiwa Motor Transportation, Hinomaru Kotsu, Green Cab, Checker Cab Group and Kokusai Motorcars. Softbank and Didi Chuxing announced earlier this month that they will establish a joint venture to provide relevant supporting services.


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