Who orders Tesla semi truck?

2017-12-20  |  By Faye  |  In news

UPS has just placed a largest-known order for all-electric Tesla semi truck. Elon Musk showed his appreciation on his Twitter. Since Tesla semi truck was unveiled in November, it has caught all eyes of the public. Dave Arnold, the spokesman of Tesla once claimed that Tesla would not officially disclose the details about orders on its semi truck. While a number of order announcements still have been released by purchasers.

Here are the order details that were publicly announced,

All shows at least 380 semis are certainly reserved according to present public order announcements. Obviously, many companies tend to take the risks of new operation mode and new technology although the truck will be not produced until 2019. Placing an order on Tesla semi shows a main step for reducing fuel costs and operational carbon emission, a kind of advertisement investment for purchasers as well. VehicleTrend will update the increasing order momentum in the coming months...Please keep attention.

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