VehicleTrend Moring Post: autonomous driving, MIIT, Volvo

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1. Texting messages when driving can be detected by automotive software
The researchers from University of Waterloo developed a software which can detect divers’ distractive behaviors when driving, like texting message. The system can observe drivers’ hand movement related to driving by in-vehicle camera and computerized algorithm. The algorithm can match the known movement like texting message, making phone call, or taking things from backseat, and these activities were classified according to their security threat once they are detected. If the level of distraction is considered too high, the system will warn drivers. Researchers are considering about to integrate some other distractive indicators into the system, including detecting head and face. (Source: cnBeta) 

2. MIIT mulled banning sales and production of diesel vehicles
Xin Guobin, vice-minister of industry and information technology, said in a forum that China had started to plan on the diesel car ban. Some countries have already adjusted their strategies in the automobile industry and actively deployed in new energy and intelligent network, and others have launched clear diesel car ban in set year. He added that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was on track to formulate the a timetable to push the transformation in the automotive industry as well and there would be radical changes for the automobile landscape in the coming 8 years. (Source:

3. Volvo to acquire startup Luxe
Volvo announced officially to acquire startup Luxe for providing more convenient services. Atif Rafiq, the CDO of Volvo, claimed in an interview, that with the never-ending development of technology, customers definitely enjoy more convenient services. And that is why Volvo acquires Luxe, for example, customers never need to go for gas and maintenance by themselves, but achieve these operations by intelligent watch or Volvo’s touch screen at home. Rafiq stated that in addition to integrate Luxe’s employees into the Volvo headquarters based gothenburg, Sweden, some other employees will work at silicon valley office after Luxe’s formal entry into Volvo in next January. (Source: cnBeta)

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