Production situation of 12 Chinese battery companies on 21700 battery

2018-05-11  |  By Faye  |  In knowledge

Tesla recently discloses in detail that it lowers cobalt content in the battery for Model 3 and the battery has the highest energy density among all batteries in car models.

Energy density of Tesla’s mass-produced 21700 battery increases by 20% more than that of 18650 battery in Model S and monomer capacity increases by 35%. The cost of Tesla's 21700 battery reduces by about 10%, reaching 155 dollars/Wh. The 21700 battery can save 1/3 battery cells to meet a same density demand compared with 18650 battery. 

Followed Tesla, 12 Chinese battery companies have fastened their steps to launch 21700 battery in market. Here is a table revealing current production situation of 21700 battery in China.