811 nickel-rich battery makers in China

2018-03-13  |  By Irene  |  In knowledge

Shanshan Group announced lately that:
The nickel-rich battery production line in Ningxiang has been put into production on Oct 16, 2017 with a monthly capacity of 100 tons.
The ternary battery production base in Shizuishan, Ningxia is to reach nominal capacity of 7,200 tons per year this March.
Both of the said bases have ternary 811 battery production line, and the Ningxia base have another line to produce 622 batteries.
There are so many anode suppliers in Chinese market yet none of them takes lead, most of which produce similar batteries and focus on the 523, 111 batteries.

However, a few changes happen to the battery landscape.
Some Chinese anode suppliers like Shanshan Group have produced ternary 622 materials.
Meanwhile, other battery makers like Gotion, BAK, and GREAT POWER have become suppliers to automakers. Gotion’s 622 ternary batteries have been adopted in ZOTYE passenger vehicles since October 2017.
The positive changes are largely due to policy support. China’s policy adjustment for new energy vehicles pushes ternary battery to become the mainstream battery. To improve cell performance and energy density, 622 and 811 ternary battery thrives while the development of the latter lags behind for comparatively higher technical barriers. Nickel-rich battery stands out for high energy density and lower cost, however, safety, manufacturing and stability problems are stumbling blocks ahead.
Pressured by stricter battery requirements, anode suppliers like Shanshan Group, Ningbo Jinhe, EASPRING have ramp up R&D spending and the former two have taken lead and achieve mass-production.

Here are the updates of five nickel-rich battery makers:
Ningbo Jinhe: mass-produced NCM 811 material
In Nov. 2016, Liu Xianglie, president of Ningbo Jinhe Lithium Battery Materials, said at a seminar that NCM811 and NCA materials were mass-produced, with a total capacity of 100 tons/month. Jinhe reportedly will build a fully automatic production line of 7,200 tons for high nickel products in Hubei plant, and Jinhe expects that the shell and anode will achieve a capacity of 50, 000 tons by 2018.

Tianjin B&M: supplied NCM811 material for international tycoons
Feng Xisheng, Deputy General Manager of B&M, once said its plant producing high nickel material (NCM811) has already been into production, with annual capacity of 5,000 tons high nickel material, and B&M has delivered those materials to international tycoons.

Easpring Material Technology: finished pilot scale test on NCM 811
Easpring revealed that it has occupied technology and market advantages on high nickel materials. Although some enterprises are capable of producing high nickel materials, Easpring has already deployed next-generation high nickel products and finished pilot scale test on NCM811. Easpring owns 8000 tons and 2000 tons of annual capacity on NCM523 and NCM622 respectively, increasing 2000 tons and 3000 tons respectively in the second half of 2017.

Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd.: tied up with battery makers to build joint venture for high nickel materials
On 29th Dec. 2016, Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd.(XTC) announced its wholly owned subsidiary, XTC New Energy Materials tied up with Fujian Mindong Electric Power Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture that is capable of an annual capacity of 20,000 tons of traction lithium anode materials and mainly produce and sell high nickel materials.

Tianli Energy: steps into pilot scale test
On 30th Aug. 2017, Tianli Energy issued an announcement that it stepped into pilot scale test on high nickel ternary and NCA materials; meanwhile, the company improved manufacturing technique and sent samples to leading lithium battery makers.