Original VehicleTrend: Summary of 11 self driving platforms

2018-02-14   |  By Irene

Internet giants, auto parts suppliers and automakers are racing against each other in the developmen [...]


Original Mass production plans and different paths towards autonomous driving: VehicleTrend

2018-02-13   |  By Irene

Industry insiders believe 2020 is the year to witness autonomous driving come true. Competition of t [...]


Original A glimpse of 6 autonomous driving systems

2018-02-09   |  By Irene

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Original Global Intelligent & Connected Vehicle Industry Report (Preview): VehicleTrend

2018-02-09   |  By Irene

The English edition is to debut in May, 2018. Inquiries please email to: Fayewang@Trendforce. [...]


Original 2018 Events Calendar: What to expect in auto industry?(Partial)

2018-01-24   |  By Irene

1.Jingchi’s first fleet of autonomous taxi to hit the road by March Wang Jing, former Baidu [...]


Original The challenges electrolyte company faces in the Nickel-rich ternary battery era

2018-01-18   |  By Irene

As requirements for traction battery increases, lithium battery has evolved gradually, and nickel-ri [...]


Original Analysis: Chinese NEVs have another record year in 2017

2018-01-17   |  By Irene

  In January 2018, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), a social orga [...]


Original CES 2018: Summary of 15 solid-state LiDAR makers

2018-01-12   |  By Irene

LiDAR is a core component for autonomous driving, yet the high cost is the biggest hurdle ahead for [...]


Original ASIC might be the mainstream chip for autonomous driving, a chance for Chinese start-ups: VehicleTrend Analysis and Forecast

2018-01-08   |  By Irene

Autonomous driving is a growing market in recent years and it integrates sense, plan and act togethe [...]


Original 10 events that defined Chinese new energy auto market in 2017

2017-12-29   |  By Irene

  1. China starts research on timeframe for fossil fuel vehicle ban On September 9th, Xin [...]