Original LiFePO4 may defend ternary in three potential markets

2018-04-20   |  By Faye

As new energy vehicles demanding higher energy density on batteries, ternary battery is considered t [...]


Luminar’s new LiDAR to be mass-produced

2018-04-17   |  By Faye

Automotive LiDAR system developer Luminar Technologies claims that by the end of this year it will h [...]


Original Electrification Progress of Four Parts Giants

2018-04-16   |  By Faye

Several major auto-parts suppliers are reported to showcase their technological achievements in new [...]


Original China’s liberalisation of equity limit for foreign capitals in Sino-foreign joint ventures: market plays a conclusive role

2018-04-13   |  By Faye

On April 10, President Xi Jinping delivered an important keynote speech at the opening ceremony of t [...]


Original Trade war has begun in attempt to contain the upgrading of China’s vehicle industry

2018-04-12   |  By Faye

On 3rd, April 2018, the United States issued the proposed list with tariff on 1,300 products worth 5 [...]


AI to energize next mobility revolution

2018-04-12   |  By Faye

China's high-flying new energy car startups are looking at scalable vehicle handover this year a [...]


Original New Energy Vehicle Tech: Electric Motor Control system

2018-04-10   |  By Irene

Electric motor control system consists of electric motor control, driving motor, gear shift device, [...]


Original Report | What drives mass-production of China’s NCM811 battery? 

2018-04-09   |  By Irene

1. Battery suppliers’ difficulties: subsidies are decreasing, while the density requireme [...]


Original VehicleTrend: Market Forecast of Hybrid Vehicles

2018-04-04   |  By Irene

By Kandy Lin, analyst of VehicleTrend, TrendForce As the awareness of energy saving and carbon [...]


365 Autonomous Vehicles Companies

2018-04-02   |  By Irene

    Republished from guidaautonoma with permission Autonomous Vehicles Comp [...]